This was the story I wrote for my college contest. I didn’t win. The objective was to write any poem/ short-story or an essay. The first line of the story is the topic, BTW. I switched on the tape and watched the screen. The gray dots etched on the black screen slowly disappeared to give […]

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Mounam Pesiyadhey

Youtube again. This time it is some hot interview which has been leaked after months. Actor Vijay seems to have shouted in a press meet before Villu release. Now, there are many remixes of it. I’m giving the two most famous ones here! Silence screams! P.S- 1: Note Prabhudeva’s stunned looks. Probably a holocaust aftermath […]

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People think. Sitting in a coffee shop or in a meeting, we think. Our neurons are constanly electrified and are transmitting impulses. Brown, Robert deduced the particle movement in fluids to be random. It had no definite pattern. As a vagabond, it had been wandering and was completely anarchaic. When the thoughts become chaotic, as in the case of brown’s particles it results in assymetry - a sense of change, chaos and something unusual: out of the agenda! The Brownian neuron’s impulse thus begun.

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