2008: Dystopia with a difference

Enna Kodumai Saravanan ithu?! 2008 has just brought gross sadness. Still I would like to sum up what moulded and abcissed me this year. Here goes my write-up and the ceremonial ‘Year’s favourites’. By the way- this thing… listing up has inevitably grown into my mind this year more than anything. Links: Write-ups for 06 and 07.

The obituary columns saddened us too much this year. Writers Sujatha (a.k.a Rungarajan), Stella Bruce, veterans like Nambiyar, Shreedhar, Kunnakudi Vaidhyanadhan, Raghuvaran and many many others including Policeman, Army officers and public in 26/11 incident, Srilankan war, Iraq, and a whole lot of barbaric human-breeding nations.

Tamil Films weren’t so bad this year. I mean, it doesn’t even get towards good. Still there were 2 outstanding movies: Anjathey and Subramaniapuram. Don’t ask me ten as I haven’t watched Poo or Kaancheevaram and don’t wanna include mindlessly dubbed Santosh Subramaniam or paintakingly advertised Thenavattu. Never mind, we had enough good songs to listen to this year. A few of them were En anbe (Sathyam), Ore oru oorile (Abhiyum Naanum), Kodaana Kodi (Saroja) and my favourites were-

5.  Thozhiya en Kadhaliya (Kadhalil Vizhunthen- Vijay Antony):

Good one, but overshadowed by the Dappanguthu anthem Nakka Mukka.

4. Venmegham pennagi/ Engeyo partha mayakkam- Karthik’s version (Yaradi Nee Mohini- Yuvan):

Yuvan was top notch this year. No doubts.

3. Taxi Taxi (Sakkarakatti- A.R.Rahman):

ARR’s lonely album and damn- the visuals for the rest of the songs! Okay, Jodha Akbar was dubbed. Okay.

2. Kangal Irandal/ Kadhal Siluvayil (Subramaniapuram- James Vasanthan):

One was brilliantly picturised, while the other had lovely intonation.

1. Anul mele (Varanam Ayiram- Harris Jayaraj):

Just the right replacement for Bombay Jayashree. Mesmerising lyrics from Thamarai. Alas Harris! You managed to CTRL+C/CTRL+V in two other songs anyway.

Interestingly all the lead ladies in chartbusters- Kangal Irandal, Kodaana Kodi, Nakka Mukka, Machan Machan, Nenjukkul Peidhidum, Hey baby and many other songs sported the traditional saree/dhavani! :p and needless to say that they were all gorgeous!

Besides this, the worst thing happening on TV is the movies they- the Channels produce! And the whole hasty Rajnikanth- Hogenakkal “othaikka vENdAmA?”,”mannipu kEttukoLgiREn” stuff. Pachai Dhroham. Whatever they say, Dasavatharam also had raised standards of Tamil cinema, atleast technically. New faces? Lead ladies in Pidichirukku and Subramaniapuram.

Supporting actor: Kumaravel (Abhiyum Naanum),

Villain: Prasanna (Anjathey).

Vivek and Vadivelu are out of form right now, don’t worry we have better solutions in Sam Anderson and J.K.Ritheesh.

As for the ‘Best poster’, it was undoubtedly Subramaniapuram’s Photo studio shot- Truely vintage!

Bollywood was neat this year. IMHO, Yuvraaj, Kabhi Kabhi Aditi, A wednesday– Best album, song and movie of the year respectively. On the contrary, Hollywood hosted very few good ones. Apart from the 500 Million Dollar Dark Knight, In Bruges with Colin Farell in the lead was a very fine film.  Should watch Slumdog millionaire, Milk and Benjamin Button in the near future.

This is the moment of the year on TV. Stunner. However, this reality show/ competition thingy bugs me after 2 years of the same thing over and over. After all, we need to have something else behind slimming machine advertisement programs, Salem Sidha Vaidhyasaalai nonsense and sad telephone operator services. By that I don’t mean lakhpathi game shows and Maamiyar Naathanar rowdyism. Neeya Naana’s successful run may be accounted so. Don’t forget Makkal TV. They are the best. Quality entertainment and byfar the best anchors. Their world movie showcase, poetry discussions, interviews – Did you watch that program with the Silambam vaathiyar? Awesome.  News, man I don’t want to talk about it. Money-minters. Advertisements? Yeah, there were very good ones this year. The aquaguard ad with a cute li’l kid wanting holidays for yellow eyes, Kajol’s alpenliebe ad, Whistling dada’s engine oil ad. I forgot many, bad memory.

Miscellany, well. The best mobile phone to me was SE G900, Laptop: Dell XPS. Website: IMDb, continues to amaze me. Blog: Obviously, Luckylook – The don of blogs! I so-so followed literature and fine-arts last year. So ‘PASS’ for those queries. 2008’s New year grew dark due to horrific partying at Savera proving fatal for 2 youths and this  2009’s New year dealing with muted celebrations due to the terrifying Mumbai incident sums it all. The year wasn’t a nailbiter or a happily ever after, but ‘ To be continued’.


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