Vinnai thaandi varuvaaya?

Ensemble cast and crew. Chimpu, 3sa and the biggest pretentious *ucker out there- Gautham Menon. They are coming together for this. It is called Vinnai thaandi varuvaaya (as in the case of GM’s titles from songs in the past) supposedly with this cast and crew. It isn’t confirmed yet and evrything about this movie is supposed to be kept secret. And unfortunately A.R.Rahman gets stuck in the ‘dud of the year’ as he did with Sakkarakatti last year. Still, the promotion is good as it used to be with Chimpu and GM. The stills are hi-def edits of yesteryear cult classics.

Idhayathai thirudathey:

Minsara Kanavu:


Dil Se aka Uyire:

Naansans.. enna kodumai ithu? GM thinks three much of himself, I say. His own Khaaka Khaaka.

BTW, what is wrong with the banner? Escape Motion artists? ennavO pOnga.


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