Though the Academy deserves severe canning in their asses for doing this for several years over and over, lets leave that aside and come to the point. As already pointed out in the ultimate and penultimate posts, Ledger and Rahman- two geniuses will be acknowledged, I am sure of it. Wishes and hopes pile up. On a happy note, the academy has include 2 out of 3 nominations in the ‘Best song’ category just for SdM’s OST. With only Wall-E to defeat, I don’t see much of a probability of losing it over. And what on Earth was Australia doing in the list? Plus, both TCCOBB and SdM got more than they really deserve. What really annoys me is this ignorance towards Darren Aronofsky and Christopher Nolan. There can never be a more disturbing movie than ‘Requiem for a dream’ and a well-told story like ‘Memento’. And their latter works: Nolan- ‘Prestige’, ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘The Dark Knight’; Aronofsky- ‘Pi’, ‘Fountain’ and ‘The Wrestler’ are not recieving the response they ought to from the academy. Justice denied. Seriously if Ledger was alive, I don’t think these fatheads would have thrown in a nomination for him. Another disappointment coming from ‘In Bruges’ not being nominated for ‘Best supporting Oscar’ category and ‘Tropic thunder’ being nominated for one. With all due disrespect to the Oscars, “WTF?”


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