The music of evolution.

“I’ve tried so hard,
And got so far,
But in the end, it doesn’t even matter
I had to fall, to lose it all,
But in the end, it doesn’t even matter”
Linkin Park.

[Curtains raise.]

(Darkness,slowly into a gloomy,dusty riverbank)

I had to run.
(Piano in an ascending tone)
My seeds were dispersed and my radicle had just perpetuated. A star rose, the brightest of its race and shone right above. Slowly I recognised that I had become an organism out of myself. Yes, my shadow is now cast. I could see the sun which gives me life. The life in me fills myself with pleasure and brims till the silhoutte. I realised that i could move, and so did I.
(Tempo of piano 1.2x)
My sedentary roots started growing and then i realised that it is movement that is growth after all. Its long that i waited to become complete and start my voyage. From immobility, I chose to live it the wayfarer’s way. I hatched myself and plunged into the aqua, leaving all my earth behind which was my shell till then.
(Drumroll, silence follows.)
My voyage had just started and I’m a shapeless thing now. I am afraid whether I’m visible to you, but I never bother.
(Flute interludes)
I am able to swim around, in my own space and in fact devoid of boundaries. I am fearless, the empowered and out of my cages.
Suddenly, I stopped my stroll and in that instant interrogated my own purpose of movement. Perspectives differ and kaleidoscopes show distinct combinations to me and thee.
(Guitar waves low)
When I multiply myself from single…. double… quadruple (Guitar in full swing)… millenia of myself crumple together, I had simply attained shape and structure in a single sheath. I slowly become visible and organised. My journey had taken a short but sharp break but it was worthwhile, making my journey a swifter and faster. I race myself and reach the ocean’s dermis. I could smell the fragrance of a colorless realm above, I could lick the taste of an outrageous life above. I decided to risk it and betray to my heart what I was capable of. And my fins turned limbs as I  really start crawling on what was my shell before. Crawling is walking right? And so i finally begin to walk the mile gauged inside my mighty paw. At the end of the day, my purpose is here : I have left the footprints of mine in time which is immortal which is the sole reason of all being.
(Guitar pauses at top pitch)
My uprooted roots walk now and in the process of it bluished my life in color so long. I’m growing as ever and this time it grew so high that I could really soar to the skies. My limbs are still limbs but my limbs are even lighter.
(Sax in normalcy fades in and out regularly)
And yes I had walked… and then slowly began to fly now. I turn ceaseless. I am in the pursuit of making my stay enjoyable. Entertaining me is the roads of the sky. No detours, no signals, no dead ends. I decide my destiny. I design my walkways. I glide in air, as a blade creeking into heaven rotating my eyes 360 degrees. Aviation is an art, and so is love.
(Sax fades out completely)
(Organ takes over)

I am with my eternal mate and life is as romantic as it could be. Raindrops over my wings get scattered over her wings and she chills out! I enjoy my flight a thousand times as addictive as it could be only with her. I shed flowers over her as the strings of the cupid’s harp mesmerise our antennae. My pains become pleasure when with her. I feel immortalised and my heart flies above me. We fly to the moon.
(Equaliser stands still and its silent then)
Its time my movement restarted. After the hibernation in love, I jizzed off the next phase of my life… the so called voyage yet again.
(Violin swift and sound)
I started walking, this time with the power of two. Surprisingly one more did accompany the voyage, lately. The moment I was waiting for evolved as drop of honey inside a blossom! I was born again. This time my legs could think.
(Violin ends and Drums proceed)
The legs thought of walking and did walk. My legs thought of winning and won everything. Nothing was in my way as I did everything I did, in any form I existed so far. I was in my zenith, the conquerer of my kind. I had overtaken all my predecessors without any mercy crushing anyone on the way to victory.
(One long Trumpet horn)
Hence, I run this planet.
(Drums and piano in sync)
When I just gave a thought of stopping my wars and take a deep breath I met myself again, in all cardinal directions. Wherever I went, I saw nothing but me again and again. Big deal. I met me with roots, invisible inside me, with fins, with limbs, with wings and with thoughts.
(Violin and piano in sync)
But it was late that I realised I had weakened everyone of them along my sturdy survival. I had to run.
(Piano in sync with guitar, sax, organ, violin and drums in full pace)
The legs thought of running and did run. I had run with my fullest endurance with my adrenaline pumping up. I found fire burning around me and my foes catching up fast. All I had won was evil-gluttony, wrath, agony, greed, envy, pride and sloth. I ran and am running and will run till my last blood of life burns in response to all what I’ve committed. The brightest star of all, it turned to be another shooting star. I throw myself to the almighty and stoop my arms to the God Lord above. My enemies could sense me. My eyes closed. My ear lobes hear only silence. I could smell defeat. My tongue never uttered. My pulse fell. My hands drooped. My thoughts diminshed. My nerves stopped responding. My blood didn’t accelerate. My legs couldn’t run any further. As I fell upon earth, I lose my prescence. My roots feed on me. Every root of mine. And I run inside them.
I had to run.
(Trumpet blows and terminates in one crash cymbel’s beat)
[Curtain falls]


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