Sakkarakatti – The pinnacle of Neo-noir.

An unparalleled work of modern age Cinema.

( This post might contain spoilers. But that doesn’t matter AT ALL. )

I know it is a bit late, as the next bunch of releases after Sugar cube have already run out of the cinemas. But seriously who gives a damn! This is not going to be a regular review after all, because unusual movies deserve unusual reviews too.

There is this sugar cube Shanthanu, who is bitten by two ants- Ishitha and Vedika (who could have very well acted in a dozen commercials rather). All this action and drama happens in Chennai (ennada madrasu..madrasu…madrasu : Thirupachi Vijay) where all guys have long straightened hair/french beards and chicks speak bad Tamil (read as taemil) and a very bad english. A triangle whose turns and twists keeps you guessing, puzzling and at times hit your head hard (because you had bought a ticket). These cretinous parents (supposedly rich and posh with impractical and unethical ideals) – who can never exist atleast in India, friends of the hero – who give retarded ideas, friends of the heroine – who play pimps are all the other pivotal characters in this classic. A guy is loved by a girl (who features regularly in the duds of the year) as she is the traditional ‘muRai poNNu’, while the guy is actually in love with another babe (presumably picked up in a coffee shop a day before the shoot). Things get worse (for us) as the ‘muRai poNNu’ decides to win him from her ‘sakkALathi’. I particularly hate too much of ‘Peter’ in the film which made me puke every now and then. They mimic TR in one instance, buy Kamasutra stuff (Enna kodumai saravanan ithu) and the next moment they sing some rap song, utter some bad pick-up lines, “I love you every bit of my heart” dialogues (mokkais). What annoys me most is these words of (the now ‘ayyO pAvam’) Bhagyaraj – “I wanted my son Shanthanu (petha kadan) to debut in a Shankar or a Manirathnam movie (innum ethana pEru da keLambiyirukeenga?). But when Kalaprabhu told me the story of Sakkarakatti, I was convinced and decided that he should start his career with this script”. I am absolutely clueless: Maybe Bhagyaraj was hypnotised, drunk or drugged. Still, there are a few good things. ARR – Again, I don’t know why he wanted to compose music for such a movie (Alright – You have it.We’ll better call it funny video). (IMO) He is constantly fooled into such pointless movies – New, Anbe Aruyire, Sillunu oru Kadhal, (matchless) Azhagiya Tamizh Magan and Sakkarakatti recently. Oh! You forgot Kalaprabhu.. is it? He is still there to ruin them on screen and his best attempt is Chinnama – From where on the fcuking world did vampires, ghosts and spirits come down to this song? (Maybe he thought he is doing some 9th standard project video with all these cool UFOs and cartoon characters) Even the beautiful Marudhani song is not spared. We were waiting for the “” song, which is the only saving grace and we were fortunate to see it appear twice in the film (sans Power rangers and Shakthimaan villains). Couldn’t sit through the climax at all. The so-called ‘scene pOduRa’ high-class girls seem like some pattikAdu characters when they start crying and talk all senseless things about loving each other. The cast and crew (Particularly the director and producer) must be immediately taken to Antarctica in exile.

Verdict: Poisonous sugar.


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