Contrastingly contradictory

The best and the worst movies of Tamil Cinema.

IMDB has always been my favorite site.The interface is very simple and its reliability as a gauge for movies is quite good I would say.The comments section always fascinated me and hence I chose to write some reviews for Tamil movies,which are less noticed.Now that I had wrote my opinions on one of the best ever and worst ever movies of my motherland,here it is-I am sharing it with you.

Udhiripookal-Finest Masterpiece of Indian cinema.

The name of the movie is Udhiripookal which means Dehiscing flowers.I was very disappointed to see this movie being rated so low.If Indian movies get some exposure which never happened I’m sure this movie will get into the limelight.This movie depicts exactly how a rural livelihood functions at the outset.With simple characters like the teachers,health officer,barber and dhobi(laundry men),the script provides utmost insight about how an 80’s village of South India breed and breathes.The villain of the movie is easily along the celebrated villains of Cinema-Nurse Ratched,HAL 2000,Hannibal Lecter and all.Vijayan who plays the villain is stone-hearted but bears a wicked smile all the time.He never kills or bombs but shows how crude one can really be.Uthiri pookal deals with simple relationships in a complex manner-the conversation between Vijayan’s wife and his mother is an example.The screenplay is perfect,Camera angles are innovative and re-recording is an absolute treat.I have to comment on Chaaruhaasan who plays the father-in-law of the villain.One of the amazing supporting roles ever.The way Mahendran shows empty streets in the beginning of the movie and the end of the movie-the whole irony makes up for why I’m raving about the movie so long. The maker J.Mahendran is known as one of the best Indian directors,this film tells you why.It surely deserves a spot in the IMDB top 100,but sadly seems to be quite impossible.

Vallavan-Unadulterated nonsense.

Wow!I am quite disappointed that this could not compete with his recent sh*t called ‘Kaalai'(The Bull-It was even more pathetic) Vallavan-has no story,screenplay and direction.It only has a good original score by Yuvan Shankar Raja.If it wasn’t there,the movie would have fallen flat.Even when he is there the movie falls flat.A youngster falls in love with a girl 3 years older than him and thinks its no mistake.He even has sex with her.After knowing that he is a young boy the girl gets annoyed and refuses to marry him.Now another female who had a crush on this guy in high school enters and kidnaps a friend of this guy.How he convinces the older girl and marries her,deceiving the crush is the story.Okay,we can’t call this a story but unfortunately this is what we have as a story.Now there are cheap and vulgar scenes which are more or less pornography,comedy which makes you weep,acting which makes you puke and horrifying punch dialogues to stab you over and over.Simbu is there to give you goosebumps!I wish I could rate this movie in minus infinity,sadly IMDB allows me rate 1 star as the lowest.Are you nuts?Are you a dumbo?Are you a bozo?Watch this movie.(I did because some nutcases recommended me this movie)Watch a tom and jerry episode,funny videos or even old photo albums.Try to miss this movie by all means.Otherwise you will repent on doing a life-time mistake.

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I just couldn’t imagine how people are at the extreme ends of the spectrum making 1* movies and 10* movies!(P.S:These are just comments,not reviews.I hope to write a detailed review on Uthiripookal later)


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