Chiselling Pixels

Hypnotised by the vanishing point.
You must have seen people obsessed with having a camera inside their mobile phones and keep making this ‘irky’ click sound everywhere.I’m not so a tech geek or an observer.Still,buying a phone which is too big for my needs and quite expensive for my daddy’s salary slip made me guilty.Taking into account that my cerebral lobes responsible for this memory function malfunctions(simple situations like examinations,long due-debts)and at times overworks(complex situations like,seeing your crush leaning over a gym-goer’s biceps,sports trivia and keyboard shortcuts),I decided to freeze memories on jpg-Now,I’m a part of this click mania!Below are images from my petty Motorola 2Mpx camera,of my hostel corridors.Just a little perspective makes it interesting.

Just an amateur try.Criticism is very welcome!(Photosharing courtesy:Photobucket)


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