An unnoticed Gem.

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(Sorry to say that Tamilnadu’s theatres were busy with Pokkiri when the movie released Hammer .Please spare your time to see this hour and a half masterpiece,Its worth it.There is a poor subtitle embedded,which might help people with the language/accent too.)

Facts and features:


Alternate titles-‘The phoenix'(English),Deep roots(Tamizh)

Runtime-87 minutes.

Director-John.M (Son of ace director Mahendran)


Box office status-Miserable flop.(Didn’t release in major theatres due to censorship issues and lack of commercial value Banging Head )

Aanivaer is essentially about the rebellion of a doctor against the ravages of Sinhalese militants at Jaffna.It is all shown from a perspective of a journalist who comes to write about the war.She is shown how cruel war is,escapes a bomb,shows how brutal death can be,beaten up and finally ends up saving people and falling in love with a fellow/former-saviour.The interesting part of the screenplay is that Madhumitha(who is actually characterised as an entrant into Jaffna,witnesses bombings and tug-off for the first time)is exactly in the position of most viewers:Aliens to Srilanka.Hence we actually experience the movie ourselves,which is the movie’s strongest point.War movies are a rarity in India and I find no reason to rule this movie out of the general audience.I Dont Get ItI don’t know why but I feel,this movie has always been looked down upon everywhere-theatre audience,DVD audience,critics,bloggers or anyone.Huh?!

Cinematography of the movie is top class.It makes maximum use of the ‘glow’ and ‘focus’ effects.There are immense scenes of mastery in visual aesthetics throughout the film.I’d like to show you some of my favorite scenes in the movie.Here are a few snapshots.The re-recording is very well done.The cinematography and editing go hand in hand and re-recording perfectly blends with it.There is uniqueness in the subject matter and the way in which John deals with it.The opening credits show Che Guevera,Gandhi,Mao,Nelson Mandela and several world leaders and their protests after which Jaffna library appears to be burnt and the movie begins there-which applies that a struggle follows,which is the whole movie.Without unnecessary Punch dialogues or item numbers,the movie continues to entertain you and enlighten you.There are brief instances of romance shot in pictursque locations such as the bridge,the river bank and a lavender garden but Nandha constantly keeps avoiding her.The ambiguous ending leaves behind numerous questions with us which in itself makes clear that John is successful in what my history teacher couldn’t be. Not Worthy

The acting couldn’t be left behind.Nandha and Madhumitha-the two prominent characters showcase their best performance.The school girl Neelima,who gets killed in an encounter with the army men has performed well.All artists owe some gratitude to their cameraman for portaraying them picture perfect.The sub-plot of the girl is vivid and crisp.The narration however is cliche Ashamed -a flashback which is stirred in midst of the straight story and before the climax joins with the main story,which is the film’s only weakpoint.Apart from that the movie is an absolute ride!The song sung by Chithra is a delight.It has the blackening effect and the hue of the song makes it fresh.The art direction done by John itself also deserves an applause.Shooting in real locations like Jaffna,Kilinochi,Omandhai is real risky and John has to be appreciated for shooting the right scenes in right places-The killing of the girl happens outside the residential area in the border where iron fencing is there.The camera is clever to see this incident from the viewpoint behind the fences.So is its beauty in seeing tanks from behind white clothes(used as symbol of peace).Overall technical brilliance well supported by the strong theme make Aanivaer a ‘must-watch’ movie.Aanivaer is not the ordinary watch it,forget it kinda movie.It is a watch it,reccomend it kinda movie. Swing Head

Film anatomy:

Acting-9/10 Thumbs Up!

Cinematography-9.5/10 Cool2

Dialogues-9/10 Very Happy

Direction-8.5/10 Smile

Editing-7/10 Rolling Eyes

Music-7.5/10 MusicSmile

Screenplay-7/10 BlueJump

Story-9/10 Clap

Overall-8.5/10 Victory


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