Pillar post-I : Internet Download Manager


Q:What is a pillar post?

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Its almost a month since I started blogging,so I gave a try about doing this essential pillar posting.Alright,now about what shall I post?The one common pillar post I noticed in any blog(not necessarily tech blogs)is ‘How to download a torrent?’I thought,lets share with folks out here how to do the non-torrent downloads.So,here it is my recommendation for the ultimate downloading manager.

It is called Internet Download Manager(IDM).If you have it,cheers buddy!And if you don’t follow the following steps.

1.The p2p link,from my favourite torrent sites-piratebay:

>>Download IDM here<<

If you aren’t fond of torrentz and p2p sharing,here is the rapidshare link:

>>Download IDM here<<

So,you only need some secure download is it?Here is the softpedia link for the same:

>>Downlaod IDM here<<

(Don’t be in a haste,don’t install it immediately-Read these instructions carefully and then proceed.)

2.If you want to enjoy the full features of IDM,you necessarily have to buy the full version,or atleast crack it.So in order to get a perennial service from IDM,start the installation.But when it is about to finish,DO NOT click on finish.

3.Instead,download this file.(If you downloaded via torrentz/rapidshare,the patch is already included in the downloaded folder itself.People who used softpedia links must download this patch)Instead of clicking finish in the IDMan.exe installation window,install this patch application.

4.Now,that the patch has finished installing,click on finish and complete the installation.If you run IDM now,in the main options bar(which contains Tasks,File,Downloads,View,etc.)an option called ‘Registration’ will not appear.Also an option called ‘Delete Completed downloads’ will be usable.

I will gladly tell you why I prefer IDM over other download managers-

1.First of all its ability to collaborate with browsers like Firefox,IE and Opera.Install it,and right click over any web-page,automatic browser integration happens and you see options like ‘Download with IDM’ appearing.

2.Ability to download .flv videos from any site.Streaming media can be easily downloaded using IDM,just on any youtube/metacafe/dailymotion/broadcaster video,say this video.Start buffering it,and then right click(outside the video space).Choose ‘Download .flv video with IDM’–>Choose last requested video.You’re done.

3.The speed.Undoubtably,the fastest.DAP is the most commonly used download manager.Orbit,Freedownloader,freshdownloader and a double-dozen crap can’t equal the speeds offered by IDM.

4.The ‘Grabber’ option.Open and refresh any webpage and choose the grab option and copy/paste the URL.Click ‘Next’.You could see IDM ripping off and fetching you all the little data that is dumped in the page.This is useful when you need to get all the images/documents in the site.

5.It supports maximum number of parallel downloads.The interface is neat and clean.You could minimise the downloading windows into the system tray also.You have to accept facts.And the fact is IDM is the best.

P.S:The links provided may or may not be secure.The blog/blogger is not to be held responsible for any mishap.It is to be noted that p2p sharing/direct-downloading of copyrighted material is illegal.If you choose to be a loyal citizen and all that,please download from the secure links provided and buy the software from your wallet.


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