Soldiers and pawns

Dedicated to my friend Ajay Chenniappan Sengottaian
(The guy who educated me,advises me,does my assignments and  beats me up! 😛 )

A pawn could move only one step front and could kill only by their side.
-Some anonymous Father& a son,somewhere say a beach-
It was a perfect sphere of steel cast for the perfect trigger.The kid had burst the baloon.His positioning was textbooky,his timing was excellent,most importantly his eyes,most of which was white were open.
I was exactly looking like a Mongolian soldier,my dad very often says.
“Thanks dad.”
Thats how he starts-everytime I win a wrestling match in the playstation,when I draw a complete circle driven by a compass in a single stroke,or when I come first in my tution classes.He congratulates me,kisses me and very often offers me a toffee.
“This toffee is not the end of success pal.”
He then annotates me what my life has to be,of the heir of an enterpreneur has to be.
“Success is ceaseless.We can make the word big bigger and bigger as it goes.There’s no chequered flag anywhere.”
I nod my head usually,but this time I had a doubt from some unusually creative,or should i call it a notorious nerve cell…
“Dad,did your father say these to you?”
“I would appreciate that.Yes,My father did say stuff to me.But not these”
“What did he say?”
“He used to say that we are all knights my boy-Soldiers!”
“Soldiers?For that baloon shooting?Kidding,are you!”
“No son.Soldiers in its pure,true,practical sense.Soldiers aren’t assured of their lives.So are we.It all may seem like a rollercoaster ride.But if one of the bolts were not screwed properly,the rider gets to see what pain really means.”
“Quite right.But whats the big deal?You are with me daddy!”
“Maybe.Imagine-You and me are on a boat.The rowing is very sweet and the whistles are very pleasing.The fishing rod’s worm gets deep and your papa drowns down to its bed.What is the kid supposed to do now?It is time for the kid to become the soldier,the light of the dawn to take the mighty rowing log,lift the father up and row back to the shore.Decide the future.”
“What exactly should I fight against?”
“Fight against the loser in you,the lack of confidence and will in you.That should suffice.”
“What if I don’t?”
“You die when you stop fighting.There is only one rule in the game.Kill or you will be killed.”
“How did you fight?”
“I woke up in the middle of a dream and found myself in combat.I had nothing left,and nothing else that I could do,but survive.For that I had to.”
“So shouldn’t a soldier dream?”
“He can,when he becomes an Emperor.”
“When will that happen?”
“The soldier decides it.Precisely,the rival decides it.”
“Has the war begun?”
“It never ends.”
“Is it really necessary that a hardly negligible teen pays heed to all such warfare techniques?”
“The earth is very fast.It makes you old by running hard.Now its your chance.Start running.Rule.”
Wondering about all fantasies around me,waves of influences,weird analogies and metaphors,I was curious if I could spot any other so-called Soldiers in the vicinity.All I could see were crystals of sodium chloride,sand,precious stones and corals,ships,submarines,goblets of water and waves was not horizon.It was the other side of the sea,the shore synonymous to mine.It seemed as if I was the first one.I was the last one too.

A soldier could move however he wishes in the warfront and kill in any direction.

-Some other anonymous Father& a son,somewhere say another beach-
It was a perfect sphere of steel cast for the perfect trigger.The kid had killed a sinhaleese cop.His positioning was textbooky,his timing was excellent,most importantly his eyes,most of which were red were closed.
I was not even the size of a pawn chessmen,my dad very often says.
“No!Son,Put the gun down.”
“Sorry dad.”
Thats how he starts everytime.Whenever I kill some Sinhaleese officer,I go to training camps regularly or even when I try to beat up a sinhaleese schoolboy.He slaps me,advises me and even offers me some non-violence preaching books.
“This violence is not the end of the war pal!”

“It never ends.”

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