A refugee’s resort

“I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a Member.”

This is a write-up regarding my most favourite site!Before I say its URL,lemme take the pleasure of telling you what it is about.It was actually a site which was initiated by Tamilians living outside Tamilnadu(Malaysia/Singapore if I’m right)to discuss about what is popularly called TFM-Tamil Film Music.It gained momentum across people who resided outside the country and was mainly a song-related chatspace.Slowly,it got branched into two-the TFM page forums and the Forumhub.Ah!Here it is,its url:

Click here to enter…

It was 31 March,2006.I was 16 and was searching some tamizh literature stuff and hit this shore-My eternal bliss. I found this place,the hub or ‘mayyam'(in tamizh)a very pleasant atmosphere.It is a normal forum-a discussion board very similar to the orkut(community forums),imdb(discussion boards),xboards(for chatting),tehparadox(for movies and software downloads),geetham(another tamil forum),et al.The site homepage poses an array of forums-They are broad topics like Literature,Movies,Cuisine,Chat lounge and the like.When we choose a forum,we enter and interact with people who are interested in those areas.There we have(or we open new)topics.These topics are called threads,inside which posts(by individuals)are clustered.This is the basic hierarchy,for those who haven’t been on forums.Here is how a forum called ‘Hub announcements’ look like-

This site has almost 70,000 registered users.And mind you,it is predominantly a regional userbase.Users from all over the world have access to it-India,Srilanka,Malysia,Singapore,Canada,USA,UK,Germany,Norway,Middle-east,and a few more nations share thoughts and smiles here.What we do best here is talking.Some fighting.There is so much happening in movies,music and TV and this concept of chatting in this forum is radically different from blogging and twittering.The best thing about this forum,in contrary to social networking websites is random acquaintances.This site and its network worked for me,mainly because I could spot people with similar interest.My ‘preferences’ got customised,I reconsidered my persona,improved my outset and approach.Atleast for me,’tastes’ changed,and my very vision focussed through a wider angle.People get unknown contacts here which might prove useful in more than a way.More importantly we get a lot of knowledge(about say less-useful stuff)generally on the internet and movies,our public speaking and communication skills get sharpened and we (re)discover a very intriguing interactive mode of life.Moderation is quite stern and strict.Occasionally the users of the hub-known as ‘hubbers’ hold meets in various places.The biggest Hubber meet so far had almost 30 hubbers gathering in Chennai.It is a very absorbing and interesting thing to meet people who are complete strangers to us.Those who we met as ‘online personalities’ getting together in person gives a’la of seeing a not-so-good-looking RJ!Okay,here is the point:You get so many new,good and informed friends here with a pleothra of things to discuss,spectrum of people to talk with,petty things to fight for,polls to vote,loads of reasons to pass time.

As Morgan freeman of SE7EN goes,

“Ernest Hemingway once wrote, “The hub is a fine place and worth fighting for.”

“I agree with the second part.”


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