The ‘Benny Lava’ phenomenon!

ROTFL all the way… ROTFLROTFL2 No Teeth Yes LOL Laughing

Disclaimer:This video is strictly a laughter therapy dosage.Please note that the subtitles are transliterated and not translated.For Godsake refrain from cursing the guy who has made the video a tamil-hater,who thinks south indians are dumbos and stuff.Laugh for the sake of laughing and then get back to business.Join the 8 million people who have already watched this video.(The material contains some profanity.Watch it if you wish 😉 )

You must know this guy,Benny Lava if you are addicted to youtube as I am.One of the most visited videos of all-time on the web is also called the funniest Indian video on the cyberspace.Okay,what makes this video so special is is the thought process behind the making of it,like a painstaking video editor,a witty(public)speaker,an amazing jingle-writer(Benny lava,Looney bun,papaya there,inside ed,yellow goat I ate…Oh gosh! there are so many of these),truly a genius with a foresight of making generations laugh!His name is known as buffalaxed there,whoever it is kudos bro!Listen,it is not just one video.He is everywhere.He has made an array of videos.I don’t know whether he is a bigtime Prabhudeva hater or something,he has reduced the best dancer of India to a mere stand-up comedian,to put it ironically “Deva dances to his tunes!”Click here and scroll till the end to see what wikipedia thinks of Benny lava.Not just it,you can also have the lyrics of benny lava here.You are a fanboy now?Join the orkut community for Benny Lava!See,’we’ are not alone.


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