Challenges of life

Glimpses from the micro dream-factory.

I had lately become a fan of Varun Agarwal,I bet-You will also become one.He is a short film-maker.I was enthralled when I saw some of his films.What probably could anyone create in a couple of minutes?-

He just had me stunned for a second.Not just the thought-sounds,camera,the way he had portrayed it,the very people he chose,the way he extracted performance within a moment.Ad-films are very similar to short-films people say.Not so.The motives are different.[Maybe some ads can be good short films(like the famous Airtel ad-Wagha border)and vice-versa(You want an example?Okay,here you have another short film which may be a campaign,or say an advertisement for …….]

Less than a minute.It evokes happiness,passion,determination,self-respect,and most importantly hope,the ray of hope that is rejuvenated in Shawshank redemption in almost the time of its end credits. What I like most about the creator is that,he conveys the message he wants to without any disturbance.A delicacy gets wasted if salt is a pinch less or more.I love this meal!There are good movies like Sunday afternoon(Fun ride!),233 seconds(I didn’t understand the title’s significance though),Requiem for peace(He has used the OST of requiem for a dream,in the background),Colors(Very well shot and thought).If something I felt was above the rest,it is this:

Again another about a challenged person.After all,we are not perfect either egoistically-challenged,ethically-challenged,morally-challenged.


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