All roads lead to MADRAS!

Chennai a.k.a Madras-An insight about its topography and theology.

The former

The latter

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“The lonely violin chants
its melancholic melody
to the bow
at its spiritual touch”

United,but divided.This and its converse are the the universal laws of Chennai.Perhaps,mobility is the snack of the city.Every micro-second sandwitches inside itself creamy stories right through the day.You aren’t lonely anytime in the city.Its fully loaded with music,drama,cuisine,comedy,adventure and much more.

The early morn and the reddish ogred dawn showcase mechanic repairs at the bus-stops and their accidents respectively.Every newbie steps in seeking a hot tea(“Naayar sooda oru tea,around 11 a.m when the sun is hawt!)and a bun,its better-half or a hamburger from Coffee day.Chennai is one such dustbin where you find costly champagne bottles and cheap arrack buttis!The first thing that strikes is the smoke and soot of the city.Inside the curtains of that citily smoke is disguised and deceived the plays of the ever-preaching people.The smoke initially takes the form of pure dew from the blue above.The trains are surely an intriguing chessboard to play.Other common forms of transport including the share autos and call taxis make metro-movement less boring.Auto-rickshaws fondly Autos,the integral part of manjasoru chennai are tinted in yellow,the color of unexpected.One can never expect a professional autokaarar(saavu graaki)to make diversions outwitting newtonian postulates and IIT-an intellect.One can memorise a city map within an auto jouney to poonamalee from the railway station.The city’s other highlights include IT parks and call centers most of them with glass-stone wielded over them.Tution centres,disco,some tourist centres and more predominantly posters and hoardings.
Chennai is first of all a scheduled city.’Kandhar sashtis’ and ‘Kausalya suprajas’ play in minimal volumes at the speakers of mylapore,thyagaraya nagar and nanganallur when the sun taps its alarm’s knobheads.Slowly the city’s hues and cries for another couple of hours to give the city its full flow.The FM radios awkaen and rise to pause theosophical songs from the eastman color they play the past night,and begin the usual “Nakka Mukka..” stuff.The shops switch on then;”Moonu Pathu rooba..” vendors and “May I help you sir” recioptionist facility-included 5 star hotels are al under the same shade of the Cultural capital of South India-aptly addressed-“Singaara Chennai”!.The much ado about nothing guys have a new hangout in town:biriyani outlets.The cuisine is an altogether a different topic on which I’ve proposed to blog you later.The withouts are a common character sketches,bus pass and TTs,coductors,seat-struggles,footboards,eve teasing in bus,gaana songs of the city from lastbench bus travellers:Whoa cheap,green Titanics-the Madras Transport Corporation(MTC) aka Pallavan-named after the Pallava kings of ancient Tamilnadu.Roadside meetings are not to blame.So do the late ticket accounters in the railway/airway departments.TV serials are the next way to hell;Yeah this is another story in itself.In the meantime,BPO workers start yawning.The roads get blocked up for their routine “thalaivar vaazhga” or “aneedhi ozhiga” or “engal korikkaikalai niraivetra kori” and related offence.Schools ring their lunch bell and officers start reading kumudham or vikatan after a thayir saadham/maavadu or the 6 story tiffin-carriers.The city desperately needs a breath.Housewives eat and snore well while the students return back to the pavilion as they ring the residence calling bells.They are then chased apparently to an A-class airconditioned prison:tution centres/IIT coaching.Roads wake up once again and traffic seargents get the prior respect.Drunken drivers,teenagers playing guitars in air,girls pinching the blinking cellphones and “attakasamaana aadi thallubadi” of roadside loudpeakers begin.Temples begin collections with the vishnu/shiva worshipping elephants providing pavements to salvation.Evening papers arrive and the morning papers are used for packing samosas and parathas at chennai dhabas.The star hotels obviously get filled by stars and TV serials start afresh again.There is always autumn in the Nandanam arts coollege as leaves abscise everyday and discos pour in.Theatres need not be mention.Neither deserves the roadside ‘pothukootam’ where the guy who was in the ruling party last month had joined the guys of the opposing party the day before holds a meeting.

There are a few landmark places and people at Chennai.The Guindy race course,Ritchie street,Ranganathan street,Central railway station,Saravana bhavan,Pudhupettai,Spencer Plaza.

*Guindy Race Course-Is normal as in Hyderabad,Cimbatore or Bangalore,but the brokers there and crimes associated with the people who come there is surely intriguing.

*Ritchie street-Now this is a snippet of info.How much is a P990i Sony ericcson smartphone?You can get it at halfprice here and even bargain for a lil less,Sources state that 1 GB pendrives are availabe for 150 INR here.Cheapest in the nation.And recently an authorised service centre for Chinese/Korean-unbranded phones has been started here.

*Ranganathan street-The Shopping capital of Chennai,very closeby the Mambalam railway station.Just try to get on one end of the street,within minutes you would reach the other end with no effort at all.A whirlpool of a completely different meaning.

*Central railway station-There is so much of romanticising of this place,to me.There is this new place where government has set the rates from the source and dsetination for auto-rickshaws/taxis.You have to pay 150 bucks to travel hardly 4.5 kms from the place.Obey the rules of the game.

*Saravana Bhavan-One crazy place.The very memory about the 14 idlis,7 tastes,Sambar vada and all those ghee-oozing delicacies induce niagara falls in my taste buds.But the problem is it will be overflowing with customers.You will have to give your names to a special person appointed for that purpose and he will ask you to wait.After a while he will call you and give you a seat.(I closely ponder to choose this job.No physics/chemistry/structural analysis/computers involved.Please post me the vacancies reg. this job anyone to my e-mail i.d)

*Pudhupettai-Wondered why Chennai was known as the Detroit of India?Because every Indian automobile sparepart is avalable here.Any kind of repairing,modelling,building is done.Huge matter off interest.

*Spencer Plaza-This is one costly hangout.Don’t worry you need not spend anything.Just go there,pester the people who work there to show you stuff and switch to the next shop.Atleast 70% of the population entering the mall comes back after stargazing and birdwatching only.We’re included.

*A special mention about the roadside pillayar temples,once became a centre of attraction when it was rumoured that ganesha idols/statues started drinking milk!(Don’t panic-Wild imagination!).Not to forget the ‘Bodyguard’ Muneeswaran temple:a customary god who acts as a protector of new vehicles.Even BMWs purchased in Chennai come here and offer Him and the Car a garland.

Mahabalipuram,the port-capital of the ancient Tamil kings is not far away.Kanchipuram,the land of 108 temples is also at a stone’s throw.Madras is broadly divided into the Marina beach and its shores as North Chennai,Besant Nagar beach and its shores as South Chennai.It has prestigious colleges,IT parks,residential and industrial domes,upcoming Airport touted to be South Asia’s largest airport,temples,a population of over 7 million and most importantly the trademark of Madras-Buckhingam Canal or the Cooum,as it is popularly refferred to.If you’re a newcomer,don’t forget to get blessings from Kapaleeshwarar of Mylapore and Parthasarathy of Triplicane,visit the Guindy snake park and Vandallur Zoo,drench in the not-so marine Marina and Besant Nagar,walk the streets of T.Nagar and Purasawalkam and the never ending places of Chennai!Also order a XXXL box of Mysore Pak at Sri Krishna Sweets,Mylapore.”Hope you had a pleasant stay in Chennai.Come back again!”


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