Machli Zameen Par


I spontaneously typed so for a chat response to my friend.I don’t know Hindi,and apparently “Hindi aatha nahin!” was my only knowledge about my national language.Lately,I started watching movies.No…no,I mean it.I had been watching and closely following with the tid-bits and gossips about cinema in my mother tongue-தமிழ்(tamil) all my life and my first alien movie,as I would put it was E.T-The Extra Terrestrial.I had watched hollywood classics and blockbusters dubbed into my mother tongue then.Slowly I began to like it.Aptly,the quoted movie Taare Zameen Par(Stars on earth) was my first Hindi movie.

“Anything that doesn’t kill you,only makes you STRONGER”.Movies made me stronger.My life wasn’t the same.As a play,everyday began to have three acts.There was a suspense at the beginning and a solution at the end.I ain’t a critic or a buff.But surely I’m one of these movie-goers who never feel an ache in their ass while a movie is playing. Slowly it became a hobby,a matter of interest.It developed into my passion.Ultimately it had me on a high.I became an addict,and now there is no way out.I am completely infected. I can’t spend a week without a film.Its become more like a meal,a weekly pill,a thing on my reminders or calendars.I’m sick with or without it.It is more like an organ now,an indispensable one.I become like a fish on soil when I’m not given my dosage of the week’s movies.

I had no idea about the internet ratings or reviews in the beginning.Slowly I was curious about stuff and then became a hardcore fan.I initially wanted to start a movie blog,share thoughts.I have no problem about the language and the subject.I don’t look for a moral story,stating “Honesty is the best policy” ensures a happy life,and hate these “…and they lived happily ever after” type of bull crap.It is not just business or a party joke.A movie made 35 years ago,shows me how my dad lived his teenage.Mystery and sci-fi appeal me the best and I beleive that the movies from my homeland is the best.My idea of a good movie-

*It should be original.

*It should portray realism,and show the true colour and culture of its characters.

*It should give me a sense of fullness or impart an essence of itself which should take its time to cease.

In due course of time,I would discuss about the movies which I opine are so.Films which make geographical extents vanish and makes us feathers in a breeze.Also about bad movies-like this stone in the rice or cramp in the neck,a disease.Uh oh!They aren’t useless either.After all they provide us with a gauge so that we could actually have a more accurate scale for good movies.Reminds this Tee-Shirt verse “I am not completely useless,I can be used as a bad example!”,doesn’t it?


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