A formal introduction to me,my blog and a test-ride.



-in all certificates,receipts and exam answer sheets.Venkiraja in TFM(Tamil Film Music) forums and Orkut.An architecture undergrad in MIT(Manipal Institute of technology),India.Interested in films,music and literature.(Tamizh and English).My hometown is Chennai,an east Indian port.I’m busy online chatting and downloading(obviously pirated stuff).My most visited sites are imdb,forumhub,flickr and youtube.I prefer typical Tamilnadu style of cuisine and atmosphere.I seldom wear formals.I find shorts and tees better.I use the no-nonsense type of goodies.I hate complications,especially girls who are complicated.And these people who show-off.I prefer tamizh songs and watch movies in a spree.I’m not an intellectual,or a pseudo-intellectual.I am sensitive and manage to have a real bad memory.

Writing letters has become a forgotten custom.Even writing e-mails(if not officially) has lost its artistic co-effcient.I started writing in a plate filled with rice-‘அ’,the first letter of the Tamil alphabet.Till now my entire IQ rests on 247 letters of Tamizh alphabet and 26 letters of English alphabet.I know nothing more-some permutations and you get a whole set of words that explain thoughts.People think.Sitting in a coffee shop or in a meeting,we think.Our neurons are constanly electrified and are transmitting impulses.Brown,Robert deduced the particle movement in fluids to be random.It had no definite pattern.As a vagabond,it had been wandering and was completely anarchaic.When the thoughts become chaotic,as in the case of brown’s particles it results in assymetry-a sense of change,chaos and something unusual:out of the agenda!The Brownian neuron’s impulse thus begun.

This fence provides me with a space for some jigsaw puzzling.My puzzles comprise jumbled letters which try to build up some meaning on their own.Like a prank call,or a fallen kite from somewhere,a dollar on the floor it will feed you with a peculiar kinda entertainment,or more profusely fun.Nice meeting you.Thanks for reading my scribbling,


Tracing my path from a lost way.


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